When I came up with the idea of doing this feature, I never thought that it could possibly present any challenge. After all, it’s my list of a few favourites from the week. Second week in, and I am already feeling the pressure. Haha. I read so many amazing blog posts this week. Picking my favorite 7 out of those many was real tough. I guess this task would only become harder from now on.

I present you my list of my picks from the week. I hope you enjoy reading those as much as I did.

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  • Being A Deaf Writer

    by Cats and Chocolate

    Being A Deaf Writer
    We all complain about the dreaded writer’s block, about staring into the screen or journal for hours and getting no inspiration. But have you ever thought about the hurdles a deaf writer has to overcome? Wait, have you even about deaf writers at all? No? I hadn’t either till I came across this post.
    In this beautiful post, Liz writes about those hurdles and what being a deaf writer is like. A must-read.

  • Traveling on a Budget?

    by Arpita’s Travelogue

    Traveling on a Budget
    Sometimes you desperately need a vacation, but cannot because you haven’t saved enough. At other times, you have that dream destination and are saving for that journey, but no matter how much you save, it doesn’t seem enough. Well, if you have a budget to adhere to, then this is the post you should go-to. Great tips on how to travel on a budget!

  • The Moment When… #1 (On Writing)

    by Minister Is A Verb

    The Moment When... #1
    Tim writes about why one should keep on writing despite having the odds stacked against them. A very inspiring and encouraging read.

  • Next time I shake my head

    by The Life of a 40 Something

    Next time I shake my head
    We, homo sepians, are too quick to judge. Someone says something, and we start judging. Someone takes too long to return the call, and we start judging. In her post, Becky talks about this and what we should do the next time we get annoyed by someone else’s behavior.
    Pause for a while and read the amazing post of hers.

  • Follow The Followers

    by blabberwockying!

    Follow The Followers
    As the title suggests, in this post, Anand argues why we should follow  our followers. He managed to convince me to follow back my followers, which I promptly did. A very compelling post, and if you are thinking “why should I?”, then you should go read his post.

  • Castles Upside Down

    by Srinath Krishnamoorthy

    Castles Upside Down
    Srinath writes about how we humans are a failed species and how we are building all our castles upside down. A thought-provoking read.

  • Is absence of this preventing you from financial and time freedom?

    by The Atul’s

    Is absence of this
    We all have that one dream of ours, but sometimes we cannot pursue that dream due to time and financial restrictions. In this very insightful post, Atul writes about creating a alternate source of income and a system which could work for us.
    If you are one one of those who are unable to chase the dream because of such restrictions, then you should give his post a read!

Honorable Mention

  • Y

    by The Introvert’s Dictionary

    This is more of a blog recommendation. Join Charlotte Latvala as she writes the Introvert’s Dictionary. She chooses a word (alphabetically) and gives them an introverted spin; her definitions are very witty and humorous.

Alright! So I am done for this week. Happy Reading!

Happy Sunday!

And, Stay Zingy!

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