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Okay, I know I haven’t been regular with my feature because I hadn’t been reading much lately. Last week, I got the chance to read some very beautiful posts, and so I am sharing them with you all. I hope you like these posts as much as I did!

…That’s the Way I Spell ‘Success’

by Pam Kirst

Now this is not exactly from last week. But this is one which I wanted to share with you guys but something or the other came up and then I forgot to (my brain has a great auto-delete system in place). Thankfully, I had bookmarked it, because this is a must-share piece.

That's the way I spell success.jpg

At some point in our lives, we all struggle with the idea of success. We wonder if we have made it, if this is all there is. I know I do. In this brilliant piece, Pam talks about success and what it truly means to be successful. She takes up some very heart-touching examples to make her case. It’s a very inspirational piece and one you definitely need to read if you are feeling the low.


by Kindness Blog

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At a time when we question if humanity still exists in this world, Kindness Blog has taken the great initiative of putting together real stories of kindness, so that your belief in humanity can be restored. In this beautiful post, 13 such amazing stories of kindness have been put together. It will warm your heart and bring tears to your eyes.

That’s all for this week. If you came across any post which you’d like to recommend, please leave the link below! I’d love to check it out!

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