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14 Things to consider in India: Women Solo Travelers

by travelholicyou

14 things to consider

Because traveling, solo, is something which is very close to my heart… And because I have friends who are eager to visit India, but their families are not willing to let them (for the obvious reasons).

This post is amazing and gives some really good tips on the topic, and these tips will be applicable just about anywhere. So go ahead and read the post if you want to embark on that solo trip but are afraid to take the leap.

Child Line 1098 Night and Day

by Saurav Adhikari


If you live in or visit India, you’ll see hundreds of kids out and about in the streets living the hard life, working to make a living for their families – begging for alms, polishing shoes, selling newspapers, flowers, etc., when they should be attending schools and enjoying the carefree days. You might have stopped and given the kid some money, and sympathized. But sympathy can only take you so far.

So, what else can you do? In this post, Saurav explains just what you can do to help.



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