Book Info

Title: Sisterhood Everlasting

Author: Ann Brashares

Series: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (#5)

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Language: English

Number of Pages: 384

Publisher: Random House

Date of Publication: June 14, 2011


4 friends, 10 years later… Each is busy in her own life. Carmen is now a successful actress in New York, engaged to be married, but misses her friends. Lena teaches art in Rhode Island, and still pines for Kostos. Bridget lives with her boyfriend, Eric, in San Francisco, and wants to settle down but can’t seem to shed her long restlessness. So when Tibby reaches out to bridge the distance between them, sending the others tickets for a reunion in Greece, they drop everything and hop into the plane. What they are to find out when they reach their destination is something they could never have imagined or prepared for. How do they handle this tragedy? Do they continue to be supportive of each other or does it end up ruining their precious friendship?

My Take

*** Spoilers Ahead *** Proceed with caution ***

I started the book with great anticipation. After all I had loved the previous books from the series, and as any sane person would do, (ahem) I found myself wondering about the characters from time to time – where the Septembers might have ended up, and such. Then the fifth book came out a few years back, and I was excited till I came cross the spoiler – our cynical princess dies! Yes. I was annoyed (she was my favourite character after Bridget) and I read a few reviews (something I never do). Anyway, I returned the  book to its place in the shelf and it had been gathering dust since then. Looking back, that was a good choice.

This year I started a reading challenge, and in there was this category – a book written by a author with the same initials as you. Ann Brashares – A.B., well, that was my incentive to read the book. And so I took it up and read it.

As you start reading the book, there is an ominous sense of foreboding. Tibby had moved to Australia with her boyfriend, Brian, and they the Septembers haven’t been able to feel complete since then. And gradually they have all lost contact with Tibby. So when Tibby reaches out for a reunion, they are all on cloud nine. They all reach Greece and that’s when things turn to look shady. They keep waiting for Tibby in the airport, she never turns up. So they go to Lena’s grandparents’ home, where they were supposed to bunk, Tibby isn’t present there either. But she was there. The night goes by and no sign of her. You can’t help but feel the dread. So when the police come to knock at the door the next morning, you know it has happened, but don’t really want to acknowledge it. So is it with the Septembers… With growing dread, they go to the morgue and identify the body – yes, it’s her. They inform Tibby’s parents and they fly in, collect the body and the luggage  It turns out Tibby had left letters for each one of them, each to be opened at a particular date (where had I heard of that before?).

So now that your friend is dead and you have unopened letters from her, what do you do? You grieve. Well, that’s what sane people do. The characters are all about to turn 30, so one would expect them to handle it the way adults do. Maybe, grab a drink and grieve and cry about it. Instead, they seem to have regressed to their teen selves. Instead of hugging each other tightly and crying their eyes out, they go into themselves, ignore the others and try to forget what has happened. I would have understood if that was the grieving method of one of them, but no. Lena becomes more boring, Carmen immerses herself into her iphone and Bridget takes off. I am nothing but annoyed by them. Not to mention how Bee runs away and her boyfriend takes it all, no questions asked. Lena has become more pathetic (why hasn’t that girl moved on?) and Carmen is no longer a human (because she has an iphone). Then there’s the absolute lack of ambition, and the need to be defined by a man. I mean seriously, the characters have turned pathetic with age.

By the end all problems seem to have solved by itself, all wounds magically healed, everyone transformed. But the process seems to be lacking and unrealistic. Is it Sisterhood Everlasting? Well, I guess you can say that.

My Rating: 2/5 (Not good)

Recommended for:

Sisterhood of the Pants fans. Generally speaking, the book has received mixed reactions. Some have loved it, others have not. I belong to the later. So you have to read to find out.

If you haven’t read the series, then do not read this.

Thanks for reading.

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