A Brand New Year
A New Fresh Start..
Time to bid the old world Adieu,
And greet the fairies of the Year Anew.

First of all, a Very Happy New Year to everyone. I guess, by now, everyone is done with their New Year parties and is dreading the onset of the first work-week of the year. Well, before monday started, I wanted to sit back and ponder for a while…

People all over the world celebrate this day. The reason the start of a New Year takes us over the moon is because it comes with a promise of new and fresh things – a better job, a better home, or better life or whatever.

But the irony of the situation is while we hope for things to change, we also try to run away or avoid them. Nobody can boast that they have never ran away from any change – whether big or small. Be it a change of school or neighborhood, change of routine or any particular change at all. Change throws us off the course and pushes us out of our comfort-zone. And with that comes the fear of failure – what if we are not liked or what if things don’t work out properly, and (more understated) the fear of success – what if things do work out but we are unable to handle it.

The second irony is that while we do wish for things to change, we do not make any effort and just wait for changes to materialize.

So this year, let us resolve to stop waiting around and meet life heads on. Let us resolve to make some positive changes to our lives, instill some good habits and curtail some useless ones. Let us resolve to make some great memories which will stay with us for the rest of our lives and not let this year be a waste…


With that in mind, I have resolved to make some positive changes to my life. I have tried to set some realistic goals this year instead of the usual like “only take stairs” (I am a lazy person and it takes me 2 days to break that resolve).

My Goals for 2016:

  • Figure out what I want to do with my life (is that a bit far-fetched?)
  • Blog regularly (at least twice a week)
  • Read 50 books – I love reading, but lately this habit has slipped, and I haven’t been able to read as much as I would love to.
  • Be the Real Me – I am a selfish and honest person and I totally hate sugar-coating stuff. But sometimes I do stuff just to please others, say “yes” when I want to say “no”. This year I am going to be what I am and say what I intend to. Others just have to deal with it. Yes, I have got the bitch-mode on.

So what are your resolutions for this year?

I do hope you have a great year ahead, and get the courage to face your monsters.

Stay Zingy!                                                                                                             Image Source