No, I am not going to write about the movie (though that is an outstanding movie). I am going to talk about the general pursuit of happiness – mine, yours and ours.

Coca Cola describes happiness as “anything that can bring a smile to someone’s face”. To me, happiness is “a mental or emotional state which lets you be at ease with yourself and the world and feel good about living”.

Happiness is one of the most basic needs for our survival. Without it, everything looks bleak, living loses its charm, and we, gradually, inch forward towards depression…

What brings you happiness may be quite different from what brings happiness to me or to any other person. Each and every one of us has our own definition of happiness. We all want happiness. That dream job of yours? What do you think you will gain from that? Money? Yes; Status? Yes; But underlying it all is the quest for happiness, our Pursuit of Happiness..


We all think that attaining some arbitrary goal will make us happy. But nothing can be further from the truth. If you are pinning your happiness to attainment of a future goal, you are merely wasting what precious time you have upon this earth. If some past occurrence is hindering your path to happiness, it might be so because you are living in the past and creating of your own suffering or pain. What has happened, has already happened. It has already taken place, and unless time travel is made possible, you won’t be able to change it; so no use losing your sleep or point crying over that. Instead, get up, shake yourself, accept the fact that it is done and over, and get on with your life. Everyone has expectations from themselves and their lives. Maybe you are not where you wanted to be, and that’s okay. Do not be too hard on yourself. Instead, accept yourself as you are, boils, warts, everything. Learn to enjoy and live in the present. Focus on what you have and value the life you have. Work on making it better, but with a smile on your face, and not a scowl.


Yes, you do not need to smile and be happy all the time. While it’s okay to feel low from time to time, it’s not okay to be sad on purpose. Stop counting the problems you have in your life; everyone has problems. Instead, count your blessings and focus on your happiness.

Some would argue that happiness is not a choice. I disagree. Unless you are clinically depressed, you do have a choice. Even then there’s a choice. I am a firm believer of “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. You just have to want it. Happiness comes from within. Stop blaming others or your circumstances. They can merely present some challenge, and wouldn’t life be boring and dull without any challenge whatsoever? Overcome those hurdles and find your inner-peace. Within it lies your happiness.


Have you found your happiness? Or are you still chasing after your lost smile? Are you one of the happy souls? Or do you feel trapped in this morose world? In my next articles, I will be covering more on this topic. So stay tuned in, and in the meantime, I urge you to reflect upon your life, and count your blessings and smile.

Stay Zingy!

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