I am a 25 year old banker and I have hit my quarter-life crisis (yea, that’s totally a thing)… I have started questioning myself, wondering where my life is headed, asking what I have been doing with my life up until now (wasting it, more like) and other self-berating questions.

To begin with, I had very different dreams.
I wanted to become a travel writer. But, life happened; and something led to another thing and that led to another thing and I ended up joining a bank.

I have been working with this bank for more than 2 years now, and I am not happy. I am a traveller; a wanderer at heart, and I am not meant to spend the rest of my life sitting glued to my chair. With each passing day, I am growing more and more agitated. My future seems bleak. Also as a teenager, I used to write and paint a lot, and I used to write better than I do now. Somewhere in the race of growing up (proper?), I have sacrificed my creativity. Recently, I stumbled into some old diaries and I was “Did I write that?” Now, even after trying real hard, I can’t put down decent words on the paper. I feel as if there is this huge barrier which hinders me from tapping into my C-zone – Creativity-zone.


And I know that if I don’t do something about it now, I might end up stuck in the rut, and grow old and repent for not pursuing my dreams. I don’t want that. I just cannot let my life take a shape of its own…

Luckily, I ran into blogging101 and saw that it’s offering blogging lessons. Yay! Things couldn’t have been better. So, here I am, thanks to blogging101, taking my first baby steps towards the future I want for myself; to get a grip on my life and to steer it towards my chosen path, and to tap into my creative self; to resuscitate it. I refuse to bow down to whatever life is offering me right now. I will make my way!

Thank you for reading.

p.s.: Any advice would be appreciated.

Special thanks to Vibrant for proof-reading my post. He has a great blog, so do check him out.