I am a 25 year old Taurus, working in a boring bank (kinda cliché, eh?), doing a boring everyday job, trying to diversify my skill-set.

A few weeks back, I went on a mad cleaning spree, and I was cleaning the old storeroom, when I came across few of my old diaries. The nostalgia hit me hard. I sat down and started going through the diaries.
They were filled with my childish drawings, teenage ramblings, gleeful memories, unbearable heartaches, my dreams and yearnings of the immature heart.


A sudden realization came over. Life has taken away my skill of writing from me! As a kid, I used to day dream and write and paint a lot (“I wouldn’t even leave the walls alone” lot). But in the race of becoming an adult, in the chase of my position in the society, I have lost my creativity! I can’t write two graceful lines without spending hours thinking about it.

So, I made this blog, to just ramble about stuff, in the hopes that this will help me get back my lost creativity. Bear with me, and my writing. ^_^